Design Tips

Design Tips

How to Choose Interior that Match Your Style

How do you choose colors for the interiors of your home? Did you know the colors you like are mainly based on what emotion you feel when you’re in the space? Your emotional connection to the space relates to your style.


BLUE: is calming and soothing, and is commonly used in bathrooms and bedrooms. If your style is for a more Zen-like décor, blue is for you. From robin’s egg light blue to deep turquoise, use blues in the relaxing spaces of your home. Deep royal and navy blue spark creativity. Use this stylish color in your home office and art studio.


GREEN: is associated with nature and freshness. Your style is geared towards the outdoors and renewal of the spirit. Use greens also in bathrooms, bedrooms, living spaces, and kid’s rooms. Grass green and sage green are perfect for a baby’s nursery. Deeper hunter and army greens are good in more energizing entertaining spaces and home libraries.


RED: the boldest and vibrant of the color spectrum. Your style is exotic and energetic if you prefer a large amount of red in your interiors. Red evokes the senses of vitality, hunger, and energy.  For a more subtle interior, use red in accent pillows, drapery, and decorative vases.  Red can be used in kitchens, dining rooms, and in areas that energy is important.




BROWN: Depending on your style, brown can be deep like Espresso coffee or muted like camel tan. Browns give a feel of security, and strength.  If your styling is for sophistication and subtlety, brown is for you.  Use brown in combination with pastel colors for a modern compliment in your interiors.  Popular in décor these days are brown paired with pink, light blue, sage green, and light yellow.



GRAY: Considered the more creative white, gray is a great pairing up color. This neutral color’s styling is great for home offices and areas of the home rich in mental activity. The new color hit? Griege – A combination of gray and beige, very modern and when used in décor, can be warmer than a traditional gray. Your style is hip and modern with a sense of purpose if you choose gray interiors.



BLACK: When using black in décor, your styling could be sophisticated and dramatic, or it can be dark and gloomy.  When using black, pair it with lighter colors to reduce a ‘cave-like’ feeling in your spaces. Consider how much light is in your space when using black, the darker the color, the more light you need in the space for it to feel inviting.



WHITE: Your style is fresh, timeless and secure with white. White can be refreshing in sunrooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and living spaces. Consider the traffic and how often the space will be used when decorating with white. The color looks fresh when clean, and uninviting when dirty. For interiors that evoke a cottage style living, add punches of color and mix and match textures of the entire neutral palette.