Buyer Guidance

Buyer Guidance

When buying Wallpaper, Carpet, Wood flooring, etc. there are a lot of factors that plays into consideration. 
A purchase decision should not based only on price, but also on quality is what we called a smart buy.

Visit your nearest Wallpaper, Carpet or Wood flooring showroom. Not many showrooms in Indonesia that carry a full set of product ranges for Wallpaper, Carpet and Wood flooring at one place. Aneka Papera Indah showrooms are one of them.

There are many advantages to visit Aneka Papera Indah showroom:

  • Showroom usually carries a complete display of interior products, including its application on a room.
  • The showroom staff will accompany you to answer question and give consultancy on how to select the right product and calculate cost needed.
  • You may also borrow sample catalog from the showroom to be matched with your furniture or other interior material.
  • Once the choices have been decided and where we have confirmed it, on the same day you will have the wallpaper, carpet and woodflooring right away

Quality determine prices, not the other way
Many peoples correlate high price with high quality. It is unnecessary true. Quality determine price not the other way.

Ways to determine a quality product:

  • Observe the material and design 
    We�ll take example for Wall Covering. Material thickness can be used as criteria for a quality product. Detail of design is also important as it is usually shown by the design high precision detail (in-registered quality) and no discoloration (no color difference within one roll to another). A combination of quality material and design will result on a good quality product. One of Aneka Papera Indah collection such as Ca�Falzer is an example of quality product with 460 gram per sqm and good in-registered quality, both of them guarantee an excellent upscale look.

  • International safety standard and health regulation
    Quality may also relate to the product safety standard and health regulation. Is the product produced according to safety standard and does not violate health regulation? Example: in Wall covering we only carry collection that suits international safety standard (non-flammable) and health regulation (water based ink). It is safe and healthy for you and family.

  • Ask about availability
    The focus here is to stay away from a product that requires you to wait (order by request/ express shipping). Real product may differ from sample you have seen. It is also very costly. Sometimes inexperience customer will translate high cost (shipping cost) that included into product price as a sign of quality, most of the times it is not true.

  • Price uniformity
    It is important to have uniform price unit. We�ll take for example common case in wall covering. There are two products, product A ( Rp. 50,000 / roll ) and product B ( Rp. 60,000/ roll ). Inexperienced customer will judge product A is less expensive. How about if we add additional information, product A is 5 M2 (10 M x 0.50 M) and product B is 7 M2 (10 M x 0.70 M)? Which one is less expensive now?

You may also want to put attention to few things as follow:

  • Bring your floor plan or at least notes of room size you want to decorate to the showroom. This will allow our experienced staff to calculate your need.
  • Always add waste percentage while calculating product need. Consult to our staff for guideline of waste percentage.
  • Make sure of its availability. Inadequate stock will lead to headache and delay of your project completion. If it is possible try to stay away from this kind of problem.
  • Check production number on each packaging. For example, in wall covering there is lot number. Difference on lot number will lead to slight color difference.
  • Try to keep unused material as an extra. An extra is needed for repair.

Try to consult our staff for more ways to make smart buy.