Care and Maintenance for Carpet and Rugs

Care and Maintenance for Carpet and Rugs

Caring for Carpets and Rugs
Extend your carpet's performance, appearance and longevity in 5 simple key steps:

1) Preventative Maintenance

  • Dirt is everywhere but keeping it out of buildings and homes is easier and less expensive than removing it. The use of walk-off mats trap soil and can significantly reduce your maintenance costs.

  • Place a mat outside, in the vestibule and inside for best results.

2) Vacuuming

  • Regular vacuuming is the most important part of any maintenance program.

  • Lightly vacuum your rug daily to prevent sand and soil from becoming deeply embedded.

  • Once a week, vacuum your rug thoroughly (up to seven strokes in each area). If your vacuum provides suction only, be patient-move the vacuum slowly to allow the suction to remove embedded soil particles.

  • If possible, vacuum across the rug slowly rather than up and down the length of the rug. This reduces the chances that you'll catch the fringe in the vacuum.

3) Spot Removal

  • Spots are inevitable but they don't have to be permanent. Remove a spill quickly and there is less chance it will become a stain.

  • Work from the edge towards the center of the spill. Never rub, it may spread the stain. If these methods fail, contact your local certified cleaning company for recommendations.

4) Interim Cleaning

  • Scheduled pile lifting, vacuuming, spot extraction or dry cleaning in high traffic areas can help the carpet retain appearance and improve performance.

5) Restorative / Deep Cleaning

  • No matter how conscientiously you work at it, daily maintenance will still leave some soil behind.

  • Deep cleaning, using hot water extraction, restores the carpet's appearance by extracting soil and substances that can damage your carpet.

6) More advice to note´┐Ż

  • Protect against fading - keep curtains or liners drawn during the heat of the day. Periodically rotate your rug end to end to minimize wear patterns and reduce the sun's effects.

  • Use a hearth screen to prevent sparks from damaging your rug.

  • Care must be taken to not over wet wool carpet.

  • Test all spot and cleaning agents in an inconspicuous area to be sure it will not remove the carpet color.

  • Do not apply stain repellent treatments that contain silicone because they will accele rate soiling.