KIDS & TEEN (NEW) 2012

Kids and teens collection is especially designed for you, parents who cares for the decoration of their loved ones bed rooms, study rooms or play rooms. With color variations Kids & Teens collections will give any atmosphere that you want to create for your children. It shows the very best effort from you to your children in exploring the best possibility of makeover.
Photocatalyst TIO2  Titanium dioxida(TIO2) wallpaper works as Bacteria killer/ pembunuh bakteri with 99.7 % success rate, to prevent Virus,Air purification and not harmfull to human, this collection has all of this kind of anti-bacterial coating bacteria such as e-coli, yellow staphylococus, mold fungi etc so let make your loveones as the most beautiful and safe place on the earth.


Harga Koleksi Rp.12.000.000,- /set 3 Jalur
Harga normal/non member Rp. 7.800.000,-/set 3 Jalur
(sudah termasuk disc.koleksi 35%)
Klik->Cara membeli harga promo dgn member card
Harga member Promo  : Rp. 7.020.000,-/set 3 Jalur
(Ukuran 2.30 mtr x 3.12 mtr)
Harga Koleksi : Rp.16.000.000,-/set 4 Jalur
Harga Normal : Rp. 10.400.000,-/set 4 Jalur
(sudah termasuk disc.koleksi 35%)
Harga member Promo  : Rp. 9.360.000,-/set 4 Jalur
(Ukuran 2.30 mtr x 4.16 mtr)
Harga diatas belum termasuk PPN 10%


Origin/Brand : Made in Korean
Ukuran Mural : 2.30 mtr x 3.12 mtr (3 Jalur)
Ukuran Mural : 2.30 mtr x 4.16 mtr (4 Jalur)
Perekat : Lem Eco Super Methylin Made in Korea
Lem ramah lingkungan,dengan daya rekat sempurna
dan satu-satunya lem yang dijamin
Kesempatan berbisnis interior sebagai agen,
Hubungi : HP 0812 8110 9595 (WA)

  Stock di Jakarta,anda tidak harus menunggu cemas dan hemat biaya tambahan airfreight