Pororo and his friends live in a peaceful island covered in snow and ice, a Far far away, unknown and untouched by human civilization island. They naturally came to live together in the village situated in the little valley where the sunshine is warmest and the cold wind is least harsh. Pororo is a very inquisitive impish little penguin. His friends are the good-natured polar bear Poby, smug nosy red fox Eddy, shy and timid little beaver Loopy, friendly penguin girl Petty and happy humming bird Harry. Despite problems occurred, they are always together and build a strong friendship among each other.

With the warmth atmosphere of summer and cool breeze feeling of the snowy winter background, completed with playful and colorful characters, Pororo and Friends create a very adorable wallpaper for your children’s room. With Pororo decorative Mural, wallpaper and borders, your children could feel the warm energy ,friendliness, and togetherness of Pororo and Friends. 


Harga Koleksi Rp.12.000.000,-/set 3 Jalur
Harga normal/non member Rp.7.800.000,- /set 3 Jalur
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Origin/Brand : Made in Korea by GNI
Ukuran Mural : 2.40 mtr x 3 mtr (3 Jalur)
Perekat : Lem Eco Super Methylin Made in Korea
Lem ramah lingkungan,dengan daya rekat sempurna
dan satu-satunya lem yang dijamin
Kesempatan berbisnis interior sebagai agen,
Hubungi : HP 0812 8110 9595 (WA)

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