wallpaper for health

Concern about your health?

Try this photocatalyst wallpaper and Miracle Mineral Wallpaper available at our showroom.

Benefits of using photocatalyst wallpaper!

-. absorbs contaminating materials such as VOCs

-. superb deodorizing effect, less odour in your room

-. Refresh indoor space through its air cleaning effect

-. Self-cleaning effect from germs

-. Anti-bacteria effect including mold and other harmful bacteria

-. Prevents disease such as asthma and atopy

-. Cost effective as it is semi-permanent

-. Environment friendly wallpaper as it has no odor and no poisonous material. It reduces  sick house syndrome.

Wallpaper for Health is for every one! Be it for the new born, toddler, teenagers, to adults.

For your Children's wall :

kids wallpaper disney wallpaper jakarta   Kids wall wallpaper

'For you and your loved ones'

wallpaper for health    wallpaper for health