Lohas Premium N

LOHAS PREMIUM brought to you by Astrid's Signature

"Fragments of Beautiful Sentiments laid on Antique Display Case"

This LOHAS PREMIUM collection is for those collectors who find warm sentimental emotion through objects from the past. From romantic to vintage art connoisseur homeowners , they like to collect things that gave them warm sentimental feeling that might enliven good memories to present time at any corner in their house and is getting out from the cold urban sentiment. Those are whom we call sentimental collectors.

A Typical sentimental collector is a person who recreates the value of the things constantly loved regardless of the passage of time instead of solely pursuing something old. In this collections, the re-created value shown by a trendy combination of progressive technology and essential elements for the plentiful life of a modern individual to finally complete a luxurious vintage style.


(17 SEP S/D 12 NOV 2012)
Harga Wallpaper Vinyl Rp.1.200.000,- /roll (1.06x15.6m)
Harga Nett Rp.420.000,-/roll (1.06x15.6m)
Harga Promo Rp.380.000,-/roll, min 12 Roll
Contoh buku Rp.500.000 dan untuk pelanggan Rp.300.000
Harga sudah termasuk disc.koleksi & 10% disc.Kartu
Harga diatas belum termasuk PPN 10 %
Ongkos pasang Wallpaper di Jakarta Rp. 95.000,-/roll


Origin/Brand: Made in Korea By Astrid's Signature
Quality : Vinyl on the surface and paper back
Roll size 1.06 mtr x 15.6 mtr
Glues to be used: Fungicide containing glue for vinyl wallpaper
Super Methylin Adhesive by ANDREW'S LEGACY
Kesempatan berbisnis interior selengkap kami,
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